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Easter at VantagePoint

This year, start a new Easter tradition and join us at VantagePoint Church. We will be having 6 services where we will share the message of the gospel, worship together, and celebrate our Lord’s resurrection and his overcoming the grave! At VantagePoint we believe in building authentic relationships, raising strong families, and staying connected to our community. So bring your family to celebrate with us at EasterĀ @ VantagePoint.

When can you join us?

We know that you’ve got A LOT going on on Easter Sunday. The family is getting together and we don’t want you to miss that, so we are giving you another option! So join us on Saturday evening for the gospel message, some celebrating and worship, and some community complete with a cookies and milk bar!
SUNDAY 21ST FOR OUR 6 AM Sunrise Service
Come and celebrate Easter Sunday with us during sunrise. We will worship together in the amphitheater (through the big green gates at the front of the school). We will be giving out VantagePoint Blankets to the first 100 families there and after the service, we will eat breakfast together and enjoy some community as a church family! You definitely don’t want to miss this service.
SUNDAY 21ST @ 8:30 AM, 10 AM, 11:30 AM, 1 PM
We will be having our normal Sunday services and adding one more at 1pm. There will be three venues on campus that you can sit in and each will be offering exciting worship and and teaching and celebrating the importance of the gospel. Join us and invite your friends and family for this impacting service!
Invite someone you love to EasterĀ @ VantagePoint!
Here are some invites for you to download: