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Welcome The Healer

My name is Julius Dichosa and I am one of the worship leaders here at VPC.  It’s such a privilege to serve in this ministry that allows me to use the gift/talent that God has given me to bring Him the glory and praise He deserves!  I’d like to take a moment to share how God has touched me through worship, particularly at this uncertain time. 

Not everyone knows this, but my wife, April, and I get to worship once every month in our local prison.  We have the privilege of mentoring their worship team (comprised solely of incarcerated men), as they boldly lead and usher their congregation into a time of surrender and praise to the Lord.  Last Sunday, March 15, the worship leader prayed for all of us “on the outside,” especially those who were “less free than them (men inside the institution.)”  He was speaking of those who are chained and bonded.  Amidst the news of an outbreak and the fear that was creeping throughout the nation, He felt compelled to intercede on behalf of all of us.  That’s when I realized how free those men really are!  Although they are literally in chains, they are indeed free spiritually! 

As he continued to pour out his words of praise to our God, I couldn’t help but feel like we ALL need healing: physical, emotional, spiritual, or all of the above, especially at this time.

“Welcome the Healer” is a worship song that I have clung to many times in these last couple years.  This song has brought me peace in times of chaos, faith in times of uncertainty, and freedom in times of bondage.  It speaks of the name that is above all names, “His name is Jesus.”  

We could all use some peace right now. Amen? In fact, it seems like the world around us is living in a state of panic and fear.  The lyric “God who makes a way” reminds us that Jesus will get us through these tough times.  It does, although, require faith on our part and being open to accepting (“welcoming”) Jesus and His way, not our own.  I often struggle with the deep idol of control, and when I can’t control a situation, it breeds numerous surface idols, particularly sin and temptation.  Although when I surrender that control and leave ALL of it at His feet, through prayer with thanksgiving, He supernaturally brings me a peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil. 4:6-7). “We surrender to You. All our hope is in You, God.”

As the quarantine order went into effect last week, I was concerned yet excited for what this time was going to bring.  I couldn’t help but notice the numerous updates being sent via email, and as I scrolled through them all, a slight fear crept up into my soul…not fear for myself or my family, but for those living in fear. We can respond to these updates in one of three ways: Fear, Foolishness, or Faith.  It’s so easy to be caught up in the statistics and constant updates, but choosing to have faith in God, as difficult as it might be, should be our response. “Let Your living waters fall on sons and daughters.  We will not resist Your heart. Come and bring the breakthrough.” 

Wherever you need healing today, I encourage you to cling to the One who does not change like shifting shadows (James 1:17).  The One who has the power to make us well.  Let us reach out to JESUS-  Let us “Welcome the Healer in this place, the Author of our faith, the God who makes a way…His name is Jesus!”

Thank you for allowing me to share.

May God increase your faith as you welcome and receive His healing.

Julius Dichosa

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