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Campus Update

Starting Sunday,  January 17th,  we’ll be opening our doors for in person gatherings. Your safety is our top priority and we’ll be ensuring that you and your family feel comfortable and safe while attending a service at VantagePoint Church. We believe that no matter where you stand, there is a place for you at VantagePoint and we want to make sure that how we open reflects our love and care for YOU. This is Phase 1 of opening our building and we are so excited to worship with you in person. You can learn more about all of the safety measures that will be implemented by reviewing our FAQ’s below. We realize that not everyone is ready to attend in person yet. We want you to know that we understand and we still have services for you — you can continue worshipping with us online.









Since the 8:30 Service is MASKED UP, does that mean I HAVE to wear a mask?

Yes! Our 8:30 service is our service for those who would feel comfortable coming to an indoor service, but ONLY if everyone is wearing a mask. So please, we ask that you do not come the 8:30 service unless you are going to wear a mask.


I’m not comfortable returning to church yet. Can I continue to be a part of the online experience?

Of course! Our weekend worship services will continue to be streamed every Sunday at, Facebook, & YouTube


How is VantagePoint cleaning its facilities? 

We will conduct regular cleanings between gatherings to ensure proper sanitation. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout our campus.


Will restrooms be open?

Yes, all restrooms will be open and will undergo routine cleaning.


Will VantagePoint be screening those who attend in person services?

We ask everyone to use good judgment: if you are feeling ill or have a family member who is feeling ill, please stay home and participate in our online experience.

Will there be VPKids available for my children? 

Yes. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your children while you attend the worship service. Please see our VPKids homepage for a video explaining guidelines for our VPKids areas.


What safety precautions and procedures can I expect for my children? 

VPKids is taking several precautions to keep your kids and our volunteers healthy and safe. Please see our VPKids homepage for a video explaining guidelines for our VPKids areas.


If I choose not to attend in person, will there still be an online curriculum from the VPKids ministry?

Yes, you will still be able to find resources for your child online. Check out the VPKids homepage for resources.


Is there an experience for my Junior High or High School Student?

Our VPYTH will be meeting every Wednesday Night at 6:30 PM.


How can I continue giving?

During this time, we will not pass an offering bucket; however, we do encourage digital giving. You can give online at or text VantagePoint Church to 77977.