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What Nobody Wants to Tell You About Joy


This time of year, we just want to feel like we're walking through the middle of Whoville on Christmas Eve. But here's what nobody wants to say about joy.

Find Your Peace This Christmas


Jesus is the Prince of Peace. But that peace doesn't always show up the way we expect. Here's how to find your peace in Jesus this Christmas.

What Are You Expecting This Christmas?


Christmas is a season of expectation. But hope can be hard, especially if you've experienced disappointment. This story might shift your perspective.

5 Reasons We Love Community Groups


I will be the first to admit that the idea of joining Community groups gives me a bit of the heebie jeebies.  When I was a part of vocational ministry, I was the first to champion all types of church...

All Will Be Restored


Weeks ago, I shared the song ‘Fight Anymore’ by For All Seasons with our High School and Junior High ministries. At the time I had no idea how fitting it would be for the state we find our country...

3 Assumptions You Should Make About Someone Who’s Frustrating You


Whether it’s your kid, your spouse, a neighbor, your boss, or a coworker, we all tend to assign the worst possible motive to the actions of anyone who has done something to upset, hurt, offend, or...

Perfect Peace


One of my favorite verses comes from Isaiah 26:3, “YOU keep in perfect peace those who remain steadfast, because they trust in YOU.” 

Lessons From My Dad


My dad had a heart attack three days ago.  As I write this, he’s on life support in the ICU. By the time you read this, it’s likely my family will either be celebrating the miraculous healing...

For Another Week of Quarantine…


Starting another week of quarantine I am coming to grips on what life is going to look like, at least for a little while. I’ll be honest, it has not been easy. I get frustrated at my roommates...

Our God is in The Business of Redemption


God has the power to miraculously transform anything and anyone into something beautiful. There are countless stories in the Bible where God not only redeems circumstances and situations FOR people...

How To Expect Good In Uncertainty: A Letter to the Class of 2020


Senior year of High School is a time that most students look forward to for years. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel when you can see graduation, you can see college, you can see the start of...

The Everlasting


As we start another week of this unprecedented time in all of our lives, it feels like a point where many of us are losing hope that we will ever see a light at the end of this tunnel. As the resident...

Keeping Your Heart Soft In Hard Times


I don’t know if I’ve ever been accused of being the softest-hearted person in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I have a hard heart (I guess you can correct me if you know better),...

Graves Into Gardens


“What a wild time to be alive.”  I normally would say this, sarcastically, as a remark on something innovative or a ridiculous news story.  

Why You Should Rest Even When You’re Not Tired


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot more free time lately. Being locked in your house under a stay-at-home order will do that. During this COVID-19 crisis, most of us have been getting more...

So Will I (A Billion X)


A few weeks ago — back in those glorious days when we weren’t shackled to the confines of our homes — Pastor Tom issued a challenge to the VPC congregation: At some point during the week, if...

Another In The Fire


It's okay to not be okay.

Highlands (My Song of Ascent)


As we approach another week of this unusual time, it’s almost hard to remember what stocked grocery stores and hugging someone at church feels like. This past month has been filled with a lot of...

How To Be Happy


In the Netflix Original, “100 Humans” it documents a social experiment where 100 individuals from diverse backgrounds participate in experiments exploring age, happiness, and other aspects of...

Stay Connected With VPKids Today!


We are praying that you and your family are doing well as we all navigate this unique season of life. As most of you are probably aware, we will be continuing social distancing until April 30th and we...

Welcome The Healer


My name is Julius Dichosa and I am one of the worship leaders here at VPC.  It’s such a privilege to serve in this ministry that allows me to use the...

Good Grace


In such unprecedented times that are suffocated by distance and uncertainty, I feel a strange sense of unity with both the Lord and His people. Our circumstances, albeit challenging, have united us in...

How To Be Living Proof?


Be living proof. Be living proof. Be living proof.

Keeping Change Alive


I’m not doing so good. You? I’m talking about my new year’s resolutions. I told myself that I’d lose some weight this year but I’m still too scared to step on a scale. I told myself I would...

Being Part Of A Community


What is the one thing you need to change most about yourself?



“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I remember being asked that question many times as a young boy.  Honestly, I probably answered it differently almost every time it was asked. 



It’s a time to stay in our cozy Christmas pajamas a little longer, wrap ourselves in a fuzzy blanket, drink some hot chocolate, and cuddle up near the fire. But what about those who feel, “It can...

Follow That Star


Are you looking for a new family tradition to remember the true meaning of Christmas? This fun advent adventure is great for all ages! The idea is that for 10 days, you search for the star and...

What’s Happening @ The Shop This Christmas?!


This summer we rebranded and launched our VantagePoint Church retail outlet, The Shop. The project was a new and fun experience and provided me with something substantial to sink my teeth into as I...

Tidings of Comfort & Joy


The theme of this year’s Christmas season is to bring ‘Comfort and Joy’. This year, during the entire Christmas season at VantagePoint Church, we want to be focused on common theme in everything...

How to Make Prayer a Habit With Your Kids


Making daily prayer a habit for our son was something that was important to Gary and me. We started praying over Brayden before bed beginning the very first day that he was born. We prayed for his...

Unstoppable Tom


There's a joke around the offices at VantagePoint Church.  I choose to take it as a compliment, though I'm not completely sure it's meant as one :). On occasion, due mostly to my stubborn...

How To Have a Great Summer at VantagePoint Church


Summer time is here.  If your family is like mine, you look forward to the more relaxed rhythm and pace of the summer months.  Summer means family vacations, backyard BBQs, concerts in the park and...

4 Reasons We’re Excited To Add a 4th Service


1. We Are Full

Studies have consistently shown that when churches reach 80% of their seats filled on an average Sunday, they have a hard time growing past that point. Why...