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Tidings of Comfort & Joy

Tiffany Stovall | Director of Weekend Services

Tayler Doiron | Director of Marketing & Communications

The theme of this year’s Christmas season is to bring ‘Comfort and Joy’. This year, during the entire season at VantagePoint Church, we want to be focused on one common theme. We want to bring “Tidings of COMFORT AND JOY” to you, our church congregation, the city of Eastvale, and to the world around us.

People of every walk of life are experiencing things: the highs and lows, the hardships and trials and we, as the church, want to be the place where people can go, to feel refreshed, to feel loved, and to help shift their eyes to the One true Comforter and Healer.

Jesus is ultimately the only thing that brings true comfort and joy. We may search for it in the holiday hustle and bustle, but Jesus is our King and our Comfort. He is where we find true joy.

From the moment you walk onto our campus, we want you to SEE JOY. We hope to do this through our VantagePoint Christmas Marketplace that will be out in front of the church the entire month of December.

The objective of the marketplace is to create an environment that sparks joy & brings comfort to you. The marketplace is filled with Christmas lights, the smell of cider, cocoa, and cookies, the sights of loved ones and cheery smiles, and the sounds of Christmas carols that bring back warm, sweet childhood memories. Each booth within the marketplace will bring warmth and joyfulness.

What do we have going on in our marketplace?

  1. We will have an area where your family can get your best family photo taken. You can even use these for your Christmas Card Photos if you want 🙂 We will send them to you that day!
  2. Stop by our Care Courtyard to pick up a “Care Package” that you can use during this season. This will get you in the Christmas spirit and it’ll be filled up with little things that will help you be joy to the people around you.
  3. The Shop will have some brand new items for you that, with every purchase, will make an impact. By purchasing these products, you will be providing funds for organizations that are trying to impact the unreached parts of the world.
  4. Let your kids check out our Kids Corner, where they will be making crafts, decorating cookies, and even taking pictures with some special guests.
  5. Come get some hot cocoa and hot cider, pick up some Christmas treats, and let us help you feel all of the Christmas feels of comfort.

The Church is here to partner with you in anything that you may be going through in your life and especially this holiday season. We want you to know that at VantagePoint Church, you have a HOME. You are loved here and you are family. We pray that you experience true comfort and joy through the love and relationship of Jesus.


Tiffany Stovall


Tayler Doiron


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