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Our God is in The Business of Redemption

Written By: Devron Suttle | Worship Leader

God has the power to miraculously transform anything and anyone into something beautiful. There are countless stories in the Bible where God not only redeems circumstances and situations FOR people but BY people. “Graves into Gardens” by Elevation Worship has been on repeat for me during this time. This song gives adoration to the fact that God is in the business of redemption. He is able to turn darkness into light and bring dead things to life.


“You turn mourning to dancing

You give beauty for ashes

You turn shame into glory

You’re the only One who can!”


The first time I heard those words, I was reminded that God IS able to redeem and restore. When it seemed like the odds were not in my favor and I couldn’t see a way out, God stepped in and turned every dead thing in me into the most beautiful work of art, in a way that only He could do. This song is a constant reminder that in anything that needs redeeming, God has the full power to heal, restore, and make it more beautiful than it was before. He is the only One who can turn our mourning into dancing, give beauty for ashes, and turn any shame into His Glory. He is in the business of redemptions and He has never lost a patient! I hope this song inspires you as much as it has been my encouragement throughout this season. I can’t wait until we can all worship together again!

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