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How To Be Living Proof?

What is Living Proof?

You’ve heard this from us time and time again.

Be living proof. Be living proof. Be living proof.

Have you ever wondered why we say that, what it means, and why we’ve adopted that as our mission?

This is the why.


Who are we?

“We are VantagePoint. We hope to inspire and equip our people to take risks within our communities so that they experience the overwhelming force of God’s love. We want to help others see God clearly, mobilizing them to act, offering environments to experience living proof of a loving God, and challenging people to do what matters most, so that we become a missions outpost for life.”

This is our mission.

We have chosen as a church, to be the “living proof” that God loves YOU and that His heart is FOR YOU.

We want to be “living proof” of the gospel: that we were in need of a savior and Jesus came to save us, so that we could have a relationship with Him and spend an eternity with Him.

We want to be “living proof” that KINDNESS MATTERS.


How can I be living proof?

Our goal is to make it simple for you to be #livingproof.

We want to consistently give you opportunities, resources, and encouragement to go out and be a part of making someone’s day and maybe even changing their life. To be aware of these opportunities and sign up to join us in these efforts, check us out here!



We have a #livingproof opportunity going on right now!

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week. What this means is that we are challenging you, The Church, to go out this week and do something for someone else, no strings attached. Our goal is not to bring glory to ourselves or share our name around. Our goal is to show people that KINDNESS MATTERS and that we know so fully, that Jesus loves them, that we are going to be bold enough to show them.

Need some ideas for some acts of kindness that you can do this week?

Click here!

We hope that you are inspired to join us in this KINDNESS CHALLENGE and that you get to see how fun and fulfilling doing something for someone else can be.

Go be #vpclivingproof.


VantagePoint Church

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