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How To Be Happy

 By: Valerie O’Brien | Director of Care & Groups

In the Netflix Original, “100 Humans” it documents a social experiment where 100 individuals from diverse backgrounds participate in experiments exploring age, happiness, and other aspects of being human. It is basically the best form of people watching while adhering to our “stay at home” orders! 

I’m hooked. 

In one episode, “How to be Happy” (S1:E6), they dive into the pursuit of happiness. In several of their experiments they proved that the physical aspect of laughing can cause an increase of endorphins. Endorphins are a group of hormones responsible for the “feel good” feeling you get. And they proved that laughter isn’t only a result of happiness, laughter can also induce a happy mood. 

An expert shared that comparing yourself to others, ruminating, social comparison, and catastrophizing will induce a sad mood. If you’re like me, I’m really good at the latter and need more of the laughter! 

Community groups are fun and should never feel boring or forced. In fact, it should be the exact opposite. Psalm 133:1 (NIV) tells us, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Our culture can sometimes portray Christians as a pretty boring bunch. But that couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be further from the truth! Believers can be goofy, witty and just really fun to be around. Yes, the community group has a higher purpose. But it should also be enjoyable!

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