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Highlands (My Song of Ascent)

Written by Tara Young | Worship Leader at VantagePoint Church

As we approach another week of this unusual time, it’s almost hard to remember what stocked grocery stores and hugging someone at church feels like. This past month has been filled with a lot of uncertainty, fear, and hardships. For me, I have had to face the reality of having my senior year of college cut short. Although this has brought sadness into my life, God had brought something even greater…PEACE. My sadness is constantly met with peace.

There is a specific worship song that keeps playing in my head: Highlands (Song of Ascent) by Hillsong United. There is a section of the song that says “No less God within the shadows. No less faithful when the night leads me astray. You’re the heaven where my heart is. In the highlands AND the heartache all the same.”

This song reminds me that our lives change all the time. Sometimes it’s an amazing change like getting married, having a baby, or finally finding a strong community. However, sometimes the changes life brings are difficult like battling depression, losing a family member, or what we are facing right now: the fear and hardships brought by COVID-19.

The amazing truth is, GOD NEVER CHANGES. He is the SAME God in our highlands and He is the SAME God in our heartache. The world brings uncertainty but our God stays the same!

Church, don’t forget this! He will never change! Lean on Him, trust in Him, and do not fear because He is with us always!

Written by Tara Young



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