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How To Have a Great Summer at VantagePoint Church

Summer time is here.  If your family is like mine, you look forward to the more relaxed rhythm and pace of the summer months.  Summer means family vacations, backyard BBQs, concerts in the park and outdoor sports.  We tend to relax a little more, stay up a little later, and just watch life slip by a little more than usual.

All of this is good. It’s important. It’s the way God wired us.  We all need a season of slowing down.  And slowing down can also be a great time to focus.  Here’s 4 things you could focus on this summer:

1. Focus on God

The slower pace of summer can be a great time to recommit yourself to spending time reading the Bible and praying.  Maybe you could move your quiet time outdoors, enjoying God’s world as you soak in His word.  Maybe God wants to speak to you in a new way and this new slower pace is the perfect time to hear His voice.  Set a goal to spend time with God every day this summer.

2. Focus on your family

You might think pastors don’t want the people in their congregations to take long summer vacations, but we do!  Not only do we enjoy them ourselves, we also want the people of VantagePoint Church to be healthy and have great family relationships.  Make sure you spend plenty of time this summer getting reacquainted with your spouse and kids.  Go on trips, go to the park, BBQ and swim together.  If your kids love spending time with you when they’re young, it’s much more likely they’ll want to spend time with you when they’re older.  Many of the best family memories we have were made in the summer. Make some this year.

3. Focus on your neighbors

Summers are also a great time to get to know your neighbors.  Invite them to a BBQ at your house.  Get to know each other better when you see them out in their front yards.  If you’ve never met them, there’s no better time than this summer. Spend the next 3 months becoming friends with your neighbors and it will be so much easier to share your faith with them or invite them to church in the fall.

4. Focus on your church family

Even though you might be gone a little more than usual during the summer, it’s still important for you to stay connected to your church family.  Maybe you can step in and volunteer on a team that needs help while the regulars are away on vacation. Just your presence at church during the summer is a huge encouragement to church staff and family. Plus, since the crowds are a little lighter and things are a little more relaxed,  you might just find that summer is your favorite time of the year to be at church on Sunday!

If you focus on a few important things, you might just find this is the best Summer you’ve ever had.  And you might just find that you’re more relaxed, refreshed, and ready to make the rest of 2018 the best end of the year you’ve ever had.

Happy Summer

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