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Good Grace

Worship Wednesday

In such unprecedented times that are suffocated by distance and uncertainty, I feel a strange sense of unity with both the Lord and His people. Our circumstances, albeit challenging, have united us in a way that our nation hasn’t likely seen since World War Two.

Hillsong’s “Good Grace” has been my anthem for the last 2 weeks- as it has shown me where to look for the beauty in this mess. I see people, “strange as neighbors”, coming together to aid one another. I see “every nation” rising up to fight this battle for the sake of the world. A health crisis such as this has humanized us in a way, reminding us that “our blood is ONE.”

There is beauty in unity.

As Christians we now have the opportunity to be that beacon of hope to non-believers during these trying times. To encourage them to not let “your heart be troubled”, but rather “hold your head up high” and “don’t fear no evil.” To help them fix their eyes on this one truth: “God is madly in love with you”.

That truth alone has already seen victory over the real battle.

“Take courage. Hold on. Be strong. Remember where our help comes from.”

Christine Bowie | VPKids Worship Coordinator



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