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Follow That Star

Makayla Holbrook | Director of VPKids

Are you looking for a new family tradition to remember the true meaning of Christmas? This fun advent adventure is great for all ages! The idea is that for 10 days, you search for the star and attached- you will find a piece of a banner that focuses on a scripture that shares the truths of Jesus’ birth.

How does it work?

This 10 day advent adventure is intended to begin on Monday, December 16th and end on Christmas morning. I know…trying to squeeze something in during the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning, while the kids are hounding you to begin opening presents right away seems impossible.

The greatest gift we’ve ever received is the gift of Jesus. This should be our first and main focus daily. Especially on Christmas morning!

So this year, before stockings are unloaded and presents are unwrapped, “Follow That Star” one more time and be filled with JOY as you and your family experience the Christmas story in a new way!

Provided at the VantagePoint Church Christmas Marketplace on 12/15:

-10 banner pieces w/ scripture focus

-10 clothespins

-1 String 

-1 Light up star 


Step 1: Hang the string somewhere in your home where you will see it daily. Attach the 10 clothespins. Add some greenery, twinkle lights, or other Christmas decor for a festive touch.

Step 2: Each day, beginning with 1 (Mary & Joseph), attach the banner piece and the clothespin found on the star and hide the star somewhere in your home.

Step 3: Encourage your children to search diligently for the star and watch as they light up with joy, just like the wise men did when they found it.

Step 4: Once the star is found, read the card and facilitate a conversation based on your child’s age and understanding about the character/scripture found.

*Pro Tip: Together, find and highlight these scriptures in your child’s bible. In addition, using nativity character figurines will help reinforce the story even more.

Step 5: Attach the banner card to the string and repeat each day with a new card.

 It will only take a few minutes with your family each day to shift your focus from to-do lists and busyness to ensuring they have an authentic understanding of The Christmas Story. 

If you are unable to join us at church on 12/15 but you would like to participate, please email me at for a copy of the banner pieces!


Makayla Holbrook

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