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4 Reasons We’re Excited To Add a 4th Service

1. We Are Full

Studies have consistently shown that when churches reach 80% of their seats filled on an average Sunday, they have a hard time growing past that point. Why is that? Well, 80% can feel crowded, like there’s not much room for anyone else to come.  And though pastors and church faithful may love the excitement of seeing our church packed each Sunday, new guests and many attenders often don’t share that excitement.

For the past two years, VantagePoint has averaged between 80% and 90% capacity in our main auditorium during our two largest services.  To make room, we have added an early service (8:30am) and a second venue (The Point Cafe).  Both of these additions have had a huge impact, allowing us to continue to grow, but we still average over 80% in our auditorium during our larger services.  It’s an amazing “problem” to have, but we still have to address it: We are full.


2.  We Want (Need) Room To Grow

Pastor Rick Warren has said that “the most unselfish thing a church can do is grow.”  Healthy living things grow. Living and healthy churches grow too. The goal isn’t to be the biggest church around.  The goal is to continue to reach people for Christ.  If this isn’t our goal, we should close our doors now and stop wasting people’s time and money.

Even if we were okay with the crowds we have today, we would have no room for the multitudes who live around us who don’t know Christ and who don’t have a church home. Being unwilling to do whatever it takes to make room for these people is the most selfish thing we could ever do as a church.


3.  There are people who can’t come to church on Sunday mornings

For many people in our community, Sunday morning church is not an option.  Some work on Sunday mornings. Some have kids involved in Sunday sports.  For some, Sunday mornings are the only day of the entire week they can sleep in, eat breakfast as a family, or just relax.  Whatever the reason, we can either lecture them about how they need to change their priorities and join us at church on Sunday mornings OR we can meet them where they are and give them an option for church that happens when it would be more convenient for them.

Sunday evening services will reach people we never could have reached before.  That’s a pretty exciting thought!


4. Food and Fun

I’m not sure why but there’s just something a little cooler, a little more relaxed, a little more fun about evening services.  Sunday Nights at VantagePoint are going to be essentially the same service as Sunday mornings, but we just think there’s going to be a special fun vibe that will contagious.  Plus, we’re going to be serving a delicious dinner before our Sunday Night services (5pm dinner time, 6pm service start time).  And we all know that food is fun!


We can’t wait for Sunday Night at VantagePoint to start!

If you’d like to be a part of the launch team, a volunteer team, or if you are simply interested in making Sunday Nights your new service home, let us know below:


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