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Valerie O’Brien | Director of Care & Groups



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s a time to stay in our cozy Christmas pajamas a little longer, wrap ourselves in a fuzzy blanket, drink some hot chocolate, and cuddle up near the fire. But what about those who feel, “It can be the most painful & isolating time of the year?” If that’s you, we desperately want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are people longing to show you that YOU are LOVED, VALUED, and AT HOME with us at VantagePoint Church. Better yet, there is a God who is longing to show you that YOU are His beloved. He sent His son Jesus Christ as a ransom for your sins. He left us the Holy Spirit as your Advocate, the “one called alongside to help” you when we feel lost and alone. Talk about “Tidings of Comfort & Joy!”

Did you know God designed us to grow in our faith by living in community with each other? At VantagePoint Church, we believe the best way to fight loneliness and isolation is to join a group of people who are ready to build authentic, intentional relationships that point each other to Jesus.

If you’re not plugged into a small group, we would love for you to join a small group in the Spring (January 26 & February 2). If you want more information on the Care & Group resources available to you, come visit our Care Corner or complete a Connection Card this Sunday.

Have you ever noticed that when kids get an awesome toy at Christmas, they can’t help but share (or at least show) it to everyone they know? Well we took our cue from kids and created each gift of the Care Corner with the hope that YOU would be so filled with “Tidings of Comfort & Joy,” that you would want to share it with others.

We also hope you would feel empowered as Care Ambassadors for someone around you. Let’s help our neighbors, friends, and family point their eyes to God, the one true comforter and encourager this holiday season! Let’s spread “Tidings of Comfort & Joy!” throughout our community & beyond!

What did you get at the “Care Corner” in the VantagePoint Christmas Marketplace:

  • 1st Week (Sunday December 8) // VantagePoint Care Package.
    • Each Care Package includes items that embody “comfort & joy” (i.e., candle, recipes from our Pastors, hot chocolate mix, etc.)! There will also be a VPC invite card with our Christmas service times.
    • We hope these items fill your home with comfort and joy and encourage you to bring good tidings to your neighbors by inviting them to one of our Christmas services where they can hear the good news of Jesus and God’s plan of redemption in their lives!
  • 2nd Week (Sunday, December 15) // Soldiers & Gingerbread Men
    • Christmas @VantagePoint cards available for you & your family to write out “Tidings of Comfort & Joy” to men & women who are away from their loved ones this holiday season while serving our country in the armed forces.
    • We will have yummy Gingerbread men for you to take home as our “thank you” for spreading “Tidings of Comfort & Joy!” across the world!

What can you expect from this week?

  • 3rd Week (Sunday, December 22 & Tuesday, December 24) // 365 Tidings of Comfort & Joy!
    • Glass mason jars filled with 365 individual notes & scripture to encourage you and give the gift of “Tidings of Comfort & Joy” throughout the year.
    • Our hope is that you would take home a jar, then take out a note to remind you of God’s hope & joy every day of the year!

We can’t wait to see you at VantagePoint Church this Sunday 🙂


Valerie O’Brien

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