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Director of Marketing and Communications

The Director of Marketing and Communications position might be for you if:


  • Passionate about the vision and mission of VantagePoint Church and the work we are doing in the communities around us
  • Passionate about sharing the vision of VantagePoint Church with families in the church, people in the community, and volunteers
  • Able to build a team that leads and executes marketing strategies and communication plans to effectively inform and inspire church members and the community
  • A strong communicator who listens well
  • A proven project manager with strong attention to details and administrative skills
  • A team player and team builder who focuses on the good of the entire organization


  • Ensure that the overall vision of the church is being communicated effectively in every facet of the marketing strategy and communication plan
  • Help maintain and refine the branding and style guidelines of VantagePoint in all communications
  • Oversee, update and monitor VPC’s website, app, social media platforms, and other
  • Be an integral part of the Creative Team and play an integral role in our efforts to be a resourcing church (creating tools to be shared with other churches)

If you are interested in applying for this position, click here.